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Thu, 2016-01-28 12:52
Wed, 2015-09-30 16:09


@caddyserver @srfrolov Wow @caddyserver . Now you "only" need to add black- / white-list Syntax and you are another… https://t.co/0FYeCXzept
@varnishcache 4. Or I could create a new GET endpoint on our API with /exists or something that acts like HEAD does.
@varnishcache 3. I could just suck it up an process all those unnecessary GETs on the server.
@varnishcache 2. It is an API for our app, so I could just send the requests straight to the origin from the client.
@varnishcache 1. have Varnish pass all HEADs to the origin.
.@varnishcache converts HEAD requests to GET, but our HEAD requests are far more frequent and efficient than GET. Possible solutions 1/
@dbu @varnishcache Yeah, I figured it out. It kind of sucks for our use case, though.

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