Varnish Cache 4.0.0-beta1

Release date:

31 March, 2014


Varnish is distributed as both source and binary packages. Please choose the appropriate version for your platform.

Summary of changes

  • Previous always-appended code called default.vcl is now called builtin.vcl. The new example.vcl is recommended as a starting point for new users.
  • vcl_error is now called vcl_synth, and does not any more mandate closing the client connection.
  • New VCL function vcl_backend_error, where you can change the 503 prepared if all your backends are failing. This can then be cached as a regular object.
  • Keyword "remove" in VCL is replaced by "unset".
  • new timestamp and accounting records in varnishlog.
  • std.timestamp() is introduced.
  • stored objects are now read only, meaning obj.hits now counts per objecthead instead. obj.lastuse saw little use and has been removed.
  • builtin VCL now does return(pipe) for chunked POST and PUT requests.
  • python-docutils and rst2man are now build requirements.
  • cli_timeout is now 60 seconds to avoid slaughtering the child process in times of high IO load/scheduling latency.
  • return(purge) from vcl_recv is now valid.
  • return(hash) is now the default return action from vcl_recv.
  • req.backend is now req.backend_hint. is beresp.storage_hint.

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