Support options

If you need help with Varnish and the docs give you no clue on what to do there are several options available to you.

Mailing lists

The varnish-misc list is open for questions. There are other lists available as well, but those have other purposes. See MailingLists in the wiki for a complete listing.


We have a forum in this site where you can post questions, help other solve their issues, share your experiences or ask any Varnish cache related question you migh have.

IRC Channel

Internet Relay Chat (IRC), the multiuser, real time instant messaging service, is available. A lot of Varnish users hang out here and help is often given in a friendly manner. You need to connect to the channel #varnish on the server

Social Media

In addition to the planet, old school mailing list and IRC channel, Varnish is also discussed in a number of social media. Here is a overview:

Commercial support