New Relic Varnish plugin

This plugin takes the metrics collected by Varnish and pushes the data into NR. New Relic then allows the user to slice and dice the data and aggregate the metrics across hosts. Users can also create alerts if numbers rise above a certain value, so you can get an alert if the cache is becoming very full, for instance.

Data is retrieved from varnishstat, Varnish Cache’s statistical tool for monitoring its health. This includes statistics such as:

  • cache hit rate
  • uptime
  • number of failed backend connections
  • number of objects in the cache
  • and much more

These statistics are displayed in a standard dashboard that Varnish Software has in which the number of requests and hit-rates are displayed in a graph. Another graph displays the number of objects on the site, yet another shows the health of the cache and so on. The user can then add other visualisations if they want to. The Varnish Cache plugin extends the power of New Relic's monitoring capabilities.

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