Super Fast Purger (VAC)

The Super Fast Purger, being part of the VAC, is proprietary software and it is only available to customers that have a Varnish Software subscription.

This high performance cache invalidation API is bundled in the VAC since the 2.0.3 release and it does one thing and one thing only: purging Varnish Caches, and lots of Varnish Caches at a blazing speed (around 4,000 requests per second).

The curl example below illustrate how easy it is to utilize and incorporating this API into your own application stack:

curl -X PURGE -H 'X-Cache-Group: Production' -H 'X-HMAC: key' -H 'X-Timestamp: 1212' http://vac-server:8088/i-want-to-purge

If you need to issue thousands of purges accross several datacenters this tool might be what you are looking for.

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