Varnish Administration Console (VAC)

The VAC isproprietary software and it is only available to customers that have a Varnish Software subscription.

The Varnish Administration Console (VAC) is a tool designed to ease the management of large and medium installations of Varnish Cache.

The VAC acts as a single point of control for all your Varnish Cache servers. It is most commonly used in production environments where real-time graphs and statistics help identify bottlenecks and issues within the Varnish Cache servers.



These are the VAC´s key features:

  • Real time statistics - provides valuable real time analytics across multiple instances allowing businesses to respond accordingly, all within an easy UI. The power to make the right decisions faster and tune specific touch points of the user experience to ensure smooth accessibility.
  • Varnish Cache group configuration management - manage multiple instances of Varnish Cache, assigning Varnish Configuration Language and parameter sets to groups of servers at the same time.
  • Cache invalidation issuing - apply bans and purges across multiple instances of Varnish Cache. High performance purge is delivered using the Super Fast Purger.
  • Code snippets and patterns/best practices - code from the best. Included snippets exhibit structural and behavioural patterns that are well thought out solutions to configuring Varnish Cache.
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