Varnish Custom Statistics (VCS)

The VCS is proprietary software and it is only available to customers that have a Varnish Software Gold or Platinum subscription.

The Varnish Custom Statistics is a tool that produces real time statistics to help you identify and diagnose issues on your website.

Varnish Custom Statistics (VCS) produces real-time aggregated statistics from a group of Varnish servers. The statistics produced are then grouped according to keys defined in the Varnish Configuration Language (VCL) and presented in time series.

VCS is a very flexible tool for aggregating statistics and displaying them based on your own preferred setup. You can define the grouping of these statistics by using the VCL to set up keys. You can e.g. track statistics per vhost and domain, per URL or any other way you see fit based on your VCL key definition. The collected data can be queried and presented in top lists according to various parameters.

Here are some examples of the type of statistics you may track: 

  • The URLs that take the longest time to load
  • URLs that get most hits
  • URLs that get the most 50x response code errors
  • Cache hits and cache misses
  • Products that are attracting the most traffic
  • Where traffic is coming from
  • Clients that are generating load on various parts of the system and where are they located


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