DeviceAtlas Mobile Detection

Varnish Software has teamed with dotMobi to provide this Mobile Device Detection module.

The module uses dotMobi's DeviceAtlas device detection API to offer mobile device detection in VCL. OEM/Enterprise capabilities include detection of screen size, Adobe Flash support, supported video codecs and more, which can be used for any operations within Varnish. Popular usage scenarios include redirecting mobile clients to a different URL or serving different content on the same URL based on what the client supports.

The VMOD is, because it includes the DotMobi library, proprietary. You can know more about it and purchase this solution by contacting Varnish Software.

Used in production
deviceatlas C++ API
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Commercial support: 
Varnish Software


Hello is there any repo where we could watch this vmod ?

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If you would like to know details or pricing, please use the link above to contact Varnish Software.

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