Working code that gives you the option to look up data in a Redis database from within VCL.

Originally developed by ZephirWorks. Maintained by Brandon Wamboldt.

Used in production
Varnish version supported: 
Commercial support: 


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Please note that this extension is no longer maintained (and hasn't been for over a year). 

If you want to use it, I suggest grabbing a fork off my account which has patches for a memory leak and a connection leak. 


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Hi Brandon

Great job making this code stabel!

I have updated the link to this VMOD to your repository and added you as maintainer.

Varnish Software |

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Hi all,

FYI, I've just pushed to an alternative Redis VMOD. This one is focused on allowing full execution of LUA scripts (i.e. Redis EVAL & EVALSHA commands), which are a much better alternative to pipelines in modern versions of Redis. I've also tried to add some basic support to allow manipulation of simple array replies, better error handling and allowing arbitrary arguments to commands :)