VMOD using the synchronous hiredis library API to access Redis servers from VCL.


  • Full support for execution of LUA scripts (i.e. EVAL command), including optimistic automatic execution of EVALSHA commands.
  • All Redis reply data types are supported, including partial support to access to components of simple (i.e. not nested) array replies.
  • Redis pipelines are not (and won't be) supported. LUA scripting, which is fully supported by the VMOD, it's a much more flexible alternative to pipelines for atomic execution and minimizing latency. Pipelines are hard to use and error prone, specially when using the WATCH command.
  • Support for classic Redis deployments using multiple replicated Redis servers and for clustered deployments based on Redis Cluster.
  • Support for multiple databases and multiple Redis connections, local to each Varnish worker thread, or shared using one or more pools.
  • Support for smart command execution, selecting the destination server according with the preferred role (i.e. master or slave) and with distance and healthiness metrics collected during execution.

Please, check out the project wiki for some extra information and useful links.

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