This vmod most obvious uses are to handle denial of services by a single user (or bot) punching through the cache, or to set rate limits to API calls you provide.

It will allow you to set rate limiting, on several different time windows, per path/IP/whatever you want. If a time window limit was reached, this vmod will return you the time to wait before this call will be authorized. With this return information, you can handle rate limit overflow by either abruptly returning an error, or by actually waiting the necessary time if you deems it reasonable, for a smoother rate limit overflow handling.

Please note that at the moment, there is no native way (AFAIK) to wait within Varnish (and no, using sleep() in the VCL is a bad idea), so you'll have to hack your way to it, e.g. redirect to a separate server that will wait for you and come back later.

See the code examples at the project page.

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